Thursday, 13 September 2012

|| Multani Mitti ||

Old persons was right! Multani mitti-what we know today as Fuller’s earth, is truly an excellent skin essential. Originally used as an absorbent or filter in the fabric industry, Fuller’s earth is now an established component of numerous skin products. It is also used in the military and civil services as a decontaminant for clothing soldiers which may have been affected by chemical agents.



Uses of multani mitti: Skinsational

Multani mitti’s highly absorbent qualities make it a superb face mask and an excellent coolant for aggravated and irritated skin. People suffering from outburst of acne have a reason to rejoice. The hydrated aluminum silicate in the Fuller’s earth saps the skin of the excess oil, traps the dirt and dead skin cells accumulated over time, leaving you with a fresh, radiant and glowing skin.

The wonder works:

Multani mitti works like magic, especially for acne prone skin. Its cooling action soothes the skin, relieves the inflammation caused due to aggravated and sore acne, and reduces the possible eruption of more acne.

The famous ‘face mask’:

The multani mitti and rose water mask is famous around the globe, and for a good reason. This duo works great by balancing the pH of your skin, naturally cooling it, and reducing oiliness, making you look fresh and radiant. For people with dry skin, mix together a tsp of crushed almonds and a bit of milk with the Multani mitti for soft and supple skin all day long.

Freedom from sweat:

Mixed with your talcum powder, multani mitti makes for an excellent sweat absorbent for those summer months when your feet gets all sweaty in your shoes. Mix equal parts of both Multani mitti and your talc and rub it on your feet before leaving for work.

For a shiny mane:

Is your hair lacking shine? It’s time to put the good old multani mitti to use. Just mix together a few spoonfuls of multani mitti with the juice of half a lemon and a little bit of water so it forms a nice, thick paste. Apply it on your scalp just as you would a shampoo and rinse off.

 Be spot free:

Tired of hiding your spots with a concealer? Try this excellent face pack and watch your spots lighten away. In a small mixing bowl, add two spoonfuls of multani mitti, the juice of 1 tomato and a little bit of sandalwood powder. For an extra glow, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix together till it forms smooth paste and applying onto skin. Leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing and watch your face glow like a star!

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